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1/17/16 Nudging the Divine
1/31/16 Anointed, Tested, Enlightened
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1/17/16 Nudging the Divine
1/31/16 Anointed, Tested, Enlightened
2/7/16 Has the Glory Departed?

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Lent is about to begin. The Church always points us to the stories of Jesus battling Satan in the wilderness. Mark's account is certainly the briefest and most puzzling. He tells us nothing of what went on between Satan and Jesus except that Jesus was tempted by the devil. He mentions the presence of wild beasts without commenting on why they are there or what they were up to. Were the beasts with Satan while the angels were with Jesus? We do not know.

Mark does not even tell us whether Jesus or Satan came out on top in the wilderness. What is clear is that it was a battle between the forces loyal to God and the forces loyal to the devil.

Mark is about to tell his Gospel, a story about such a battle. In life, the issue often seems in doubt. Who is winning, Jesus or Satan? At times in life we do feel threatened by "wild beasts" and yearn for the comfort of the angels. At time we feel abandoned as Jesus did on the cross.

But into this doubt and ambiguity and anxiety Mark speaks the Gospel...that God is with us even when it looks for all the world that He is not. God will raise Jesus from the dead, sealing the fate of Satan, sin, and death.

During Lent, let us strengthen ourselves through prayer and fasting so that we too might trust in God as Jesus did, even in the dark times.


"Let the day's own trouble be sufficient for the day."



February 11th - Teresa Blattner
February 12th - Greta Spengler
February 13th - Nancy Luague
Sue Ann Clemmons
February 19th - Robert Wilson
Bernice Ward
February 20th - Jean Campbell-Kuhn
Emily Hill
February 23rd - Katie O'Connor
Tony Goodman
February 25th - Cathy DeZern Melton
February 26th - Linda Laws
February 27th - Rick Spengler
February 28th - Kirsty Dickson-Merit

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Communion Service, Sunday, February 14th, 11 a.m.

Pancake Breakfast, Sunday, March 6th, 9 a.m.

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