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7/31/16 The Anguish of God
8/7/16 User Friendly Christianity
8/14/16 Casting Fire on the Earth

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8/7/16 User Friendly Christianity
8/14/16 Casting Fire on the Earth
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In the 1970's the advertisers for Prestone Anti-Freeze created a slogan for their commercials. "If you can't trust Prestone, who can you trust?" It was catchy but rather arrogant. It put Prestone at the very top of the list of people and things on which one could stake ones welfare.

Placing one's trust in the wrong place leads to difficulties, sometimes grave difficulties with tragic consequences. Think about Adam and Eve. They had a choice between placing their trust in the word of God or placing it in the word of the serpent. For some reason unknown even to the author of Genesis they chose to trust the serpent.

The consequences were dire not only for them but for all creation. The point of the story is that human beings must trust God if they are to live and have abundant life. From the biblical point of view all evil flows from our failure as human beings to trust our creator.

In the Old Testament, Abraham is a model of that trust...he trusts that God will provide no matter what. In the New Testament Jesus is the incarnation of trust in God. Whereas Adam and Eve could not trust God even in Paradise, Jesus trusts God on the cross and dies with a prayer on his lips, "Father, into your hands I commend my spirit".

This kind of trust is the product of a lifetime of reflection on the blessings and providence of God.


"Humor is the prelude to faith and Laughter is the beginning of prayer."

Reinhold Niebuhr


August 28th - Tom Whartenby
August 29th - Nina Spengler
August 30th - Jenna Keller

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Charlotte Greer Memorial Breakfast, Sunday, September 11th at 9 a.m. in Warrick Hall

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